In the coming weeks our blog articles will be focused on the classes in the game, especially their abilities. At the begining you will be able to read the description about them, for example why they are unique or what kinds of weapons they use and below that you will find all active and passive skills of which those active ones will be also captured on short gifs.

The first class is the Vanguard.

Vanguards are skillful and brave warriors whose main atribute is strength. They are tall and muscular men who love steel. That is why their most favorite weapon are swords and axes of various kinds. Due to their high power and stamina they are also able to wear heavy armor protecting them from injuries resulting from  close combat which is typical for them.

They do not feel fear and they are not afraid of predominance of their enemies. They are led by their desire for victory, which gives them power to overwhelm every danger they are facing. There is no menace they cannot handle and this is the reason they are highly used characters on the battlefield. They can use swords, axes, maces and shields.

These warriors are characterized by four active abilities which influence passive ones of several effeciency ranks – Basic Rank Passive Abilities, High Rank Passive Ability and Master Passive Ability.


Active Abilities

Shield Bash 

A strike with a shield that pushes back enemies. It is an useful ability best used when Vanguard wants to make some room or when he is overwhelmed by multiple enemies standing close to each other.


Dreadful Scream

This skill makes enemies vulnerable to attack. Vanguards often use Dreadful Scream in large-scale battles.


Mighty Blow

Mighty Blow deals a powerful areal hit that often stun the enemies standing close by the Vanguard. Perfect for a quick escape, when Vanguards are surrounded by enemies.


Overwhelming Dash

It is running with a shield held as a ram that knocks down enemies. Ideal for every situation.



Basic Rank Passive Abilities

Trembling Bash

It is a mixture of Shield Bash and Dreadful Scream which allows to slow down the enemies after they were hit by a shield.


Dreadful Hammer

This ability arises after the mergence of Dreadful Scream and Mighty Blow. This ability allows to apply Dreadful Scream on enemies hit by a weapon.


Overwhelming Force

This skill is a mixture of Mighty Blow and Overwhelming Dash. Vanguard can knock down all the enemies standing in its path.



High Rank Passive Abilities

Blood Armor

It arises after unlocking Trembling Bash and Dreadful Hammer. This ability increases armour of Vanguards when their health dropped below 50% of their max health.


Blood Gutter

This skill arises after unlocking Dreadful Hammer and Overwhelming force. This skill increases the physical damage of Vanguards while their heath is lowering down.



Master Passive Ability

Vital Protection

The final ability can be unlocked only then, when all previous abilities have already been unlocked. Vital Protection increases the health regeneration depending on the current value of the armour.


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