Moonfall is a 2D hand-painted sidescroller RPG focused on exploration, a level design with elements of the metroidvania genre and a strategic real-time combat. The main features include character classes with unique spells, a customization of the player’s character, a sturdy leveling system and the in-game economy aimed at providing players a variety of approaches to gameplay.

The player ventures on quests from the central hub locations. Levels consist of individually designed rooms, providing branching paths that the players explore as they advance. In addition to the traditional left to right movement, the character can also move vertically within a corridor inside each room giving the gameplay more depth.


Description of the Lore

The game world is a dark land notably resembling Earth that never got out of the Dark Ages. Enlightenment never came, scientific development remained subject to fundamentalism, but alchemy flourished. The game’s world is called Terra Nihil and a big part of it is now controlled by the Empire.

The basic source of energy in the Empire is a mysterious element called lunarium that was prepared by alchemists and other scientists about a century ago and the element is the cause of the rapid progress that the Empire had experienced just in a few decades. Although, the Empire then began to expand its borders and gained control over many lands in exchange for the lunarium technologies. There were riots against this expanding in many neighboring empires and this is why loads of their former inhabitants rather chose to leave their homes then to live within the borders of their new one.

The riots has not stopped since the borders of the Empire are still often attacked by several tribes living outside the Empire. The exact reason why it is happening is still unknown because it is unlikely that such small groups of the resistance would conquer the whole land.



Art Style

The game’s world is set in a dark, gothic aesthetics with a handpainted 2D art style. The locations of the game span various forests, swamps, sewers and lunarium refineries.

The forest and swamp environments are sturdy and rough. They emphasize unsettling irregular objects, such as crooked branches or roots and a barren ground scape. The foliage generally is inspired by growth in damp rotten places, which evoke a cold inhospitable atmosphere full of rawness. 

The architecture of the Empire is inspired by old gothic buildings and mixed with the new industrial wave of building style that was needed to implement due to a total focus on a new lifestyle fully focused on the use of lunarium. The locations feel cold and metallic and they are dominated by dark tones which are in contrast with a glow of lunarium drops often leaking through the pipes.