Moonfall: Ultimate is the latest addition to our 2D side-scroller dungeoneering rpg series. Published in cooperation with Wales Interactive it builds upon the hand-painted fantasy world with original soundtrack of Moonfall with exciting new features.

You are brought back into the world of Terra Nihil, to defend The Empire and its mysterious resource of Lunarium from the threat of Savages, striking from the edges of The Empire borders.

Choose your own playstyle from a roster of 3 different classes, each with specific, active and passive abilities. Bulky Vanguard, agile Shadow or mysterious Elementalist. Streamlined fight-loot-upgrade system, you will be progressing in no time through the span of 13 campaign levels and an Endless mode of different enemy types, difficulties, classes and abilities.



  • The all wanted local multiplayer for up to 2 players.
  • Endless mode for both single and multiplayer experience!
  • Interface optimization
  • Combat tweaks
  • Full Console and Linux support
  • And everything else you’ve loved on previous versions of Moonfall! Such as hand-painted graphic style, original soundtrack and immersive story.


Experience your adventures within The Empire alone or with your friends! Moonfall Ultimate offers co-op campaign and endless modes as well as unique combat mechanics with compact interface for smooth gameplay experience. Start your journey on Steam,PS4, XBox and Switch from 4th of September 2018.