Each class possesses a unique set of weapons and armor customisation with a skilltree that enables further abilities through the Lunar device, which grants the bearer enhanced combat prowess.

Basic abilities of all classes are:

Melee – basic attack with fists or equipped melee weapon
Block – the player blocks the incoming attack with his fists, equipped weapon or a shield
Ranged attack – performed by the Shadow only

Each class has a special power bar that after meeting certain conditions strengthens the player’s efficiency in combat, and as well as a pool of available abilities that players can use during gameplay.




The Vanguard belongs to the core faction of the Imperial army and focuses on raw power and endurance in close combat.

Active skills

› Mighty blow – stuns affected enemies in a small radius in front of the player and causes physical damage
› Overwhelming dash – the player dashes forward knocking all enemies in their path causing physical damage
› S
hield bash – attacks with his shield and causes physical damage in a small radius pushing affected enemies
› Dreadful scream – a shout which makes enemies more vulnerable to attacks for a short period of time

Power bar

The vanguard’s power bar indicator represents the rate of health regeneration. The more the player spends in close range combat, the faster his HP regenerates.


The vanguard can use one handed swords, two handed swords, one handed axes, two handed axes, one handed maces, two handed maces and shields.


Elemental Engineer


The Elemental Engineer from the research regimen strives to unleash the full lunar potential by casting powerful spells from mechanical parts grafted onto his body.

Active skills

› Pyroblow – performs a spell that unleashes a fireball dealing fire damage to the first enemy hit with a chance to incinerate them and cause small damage over time. Pyroblow can be charged to increase damage.
› Ice shards – fires a projectile of frozen ice that causes cold damage upon hit with a slow chance.
› Fire explosion – performs a powerful fire spell that causes a fire explosion around him and deals massive fire damage with a relatively high chance to incinerate
› Air pushback – shoots air through his device causing kickback either as an escape mechanism or gap closer.  

Power bar

The elemental engineer power bar is split in two directions. One for cold and one for fire bonuses. When the player decides to fight with fire abilities he is boosting his fire bar which enchants his melee weapons to deal bonus fire damage, and vice versa. This is also visually represented on the weapons (glowing red or deep frost blue) and has secondary effects on enemies as fire DoT or slow.


The elemental engineer can use one handed swords, one handed axes and one handed maces.




The Shadow is adapted to the harsh conditions of the frontier where he has to rely on sneaky combat and ranged attacks to overcome his enemies.

Active skills

› Special shot – a powerful crossbow shot which causes physical damage in a small radius and pushes back enemies.
› Illusion – creates a shadow copy of himself for a short period of time and makes himself invisible and invulnerable during that time. Enemies attack the copy and Shadow has time to flee or move to a better strategic position.
› Dash – dashes forward for a short distance. This ability can be used both as a defensive or an offensive mechanism.
› Poisoned cloud – throws a small bomb under his feet and creates a poisonous cloud which causes small physical damage to surrounding enemies over time and increases the chance to perform critical hits.

Power bar

The shadow power bar is divided into two halves, the melee side and the ranged side. Each side is being boosted by using the opposite weapon type. For instance if the player is using daggers, he is gaining a boost for his ranged weapon and vice versa.


The shadow can use daggers, one handed swords, one handed crossbows and two handed crossbows.