It has been 3 months since we first announced Moonfall, yet you still haven’t seen any footage or teaser. How much progress have we made and when will the trailer drop, you may ask? Well, for now, here’s a short report:

We are currently working on the finishing touches and will be releasing the trailer in the near future. Meanwhile, we have also been toiling away on new info, images and we even managed to squeeze in some time to redesign our homepage.

We had originally planned to release the trailer in late August, but as it turned out, we didn’t have enough material. Thus working on new content has taken the bulk of our time. Not to mention polishing the already pre-existing stuff, such as overhauling some of the characters from our announcement in July. We also had to tackle uncharted terrain in the form of particle effects, lighting and shaders. But now we’re almost there, so be on the lookout for the new Moonfall trailer soon.

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