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Development of video games is not a fixed sequence of ideas but a dynamic system, which lives its own life. A skeleton of the process must be set, but then it is just all up to momentary fantasy of the creators that many time re-creates the original ideas and brings entirely new ones as they go along.

Many times, however, is that the overall form of the game is not affected by the creators‘ will and their muse, but by time dejection and lack of technical means. In this case it they must react quickly, adjust levels and often even change the story. It sometimes happens that some of the levels suddenly do not fit into the game due to the previous changes and have to be removed.

Development of Moonfall was no exception and we also had to cut. Today we introduce you to three locations that had to be canceled due to different reasons. We also want to remind you that deleting them did not negatively affect the quality of the game, but on the contrary, the quality only strengthened as they were removed because they did not reach the required standard.


A cave location was conceived as an unfriendly and difficult to reach area full of fumes from acid lakes. Its dominant feature should be a massive rock wall in the background and numerous amounts of stalagmites emanating from the ground.

In this area, the players were not supposed to feel good and were supposed to be haunted by dark cramped atmosphere.


Mountain pass

As well as the cave, also a mountain pass was supposed to evoke restlessness and feel of ever lurking darkness. This area was dominated by the omnipresent ice, cold and inhospitable environment giving rise to a feeling of longing for escape from this winter hell.

Bleak atmosphere was supposed to be shaped by the various details such as frozen animals, dense fog or snow storms.


Farmers‘ fields

One of the few sites that presented the lives of ordinary people living outside big cities of the empire. Their lives should be simple and focused on agriculture. The environment was supposed to be based on the realities of the medieval way of life in Europe and show the hard life of farmers.


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