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With the first big update a lot of improvements are coming to Moonfall’s battle system. First, we were properly listening to your feedback and decided to make the battle system much more exciting. That is why we have increased the speed of the attacks by 20% and quickened performance of the abilities as well.

In order to feel the heat of battle much more, we have also added a couple of effects that make battles more enjoyable, improve responsiveness and provide a better feeling of impact of weapons, for example the shaking effect when the abilities are used. Block with or shield or weapon has a bigger efficiency now since we have completely changed his nature.

Comparison between the old version of Moonfall and the update 1.1



Main feature of the 1.1 patch

  • improved battle system for more exciting experience
  • increased efficiency of block

Complete changelog

  • improved battle system for more exciting experience
  • added blood effect when player is hit
  • quicker attacks (melee and ranged)
  • quicker performance of the abilities
  • increased efficiency of block
  • quicker and stronger daggers and crossbows for a better balance
  • some enhanced particles
  • campaign begins with a default armor
  • removed the Bolt Burst ability for Tribal Archer
  • removed the Blade Charge ability for Skeleton Warrior
  • minor bugs fixes

We are still working hard to fix all known bugs. More fixes and content updates coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

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