We are still working hard to fix all known bugs and here is our second patch. More updates coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

The main feature coming in the 1.0.2 patch

  • added UI for switching weapon sets

This patch brings a new UI for weapons to know what weapons you are currently holding. It is located on the right side of the screen, nearby the minimap.

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Complete changelog

  • adjusted volume settings
  • automatic input switch to the controller if controller is used in the Main menu to start a New game
  • corrected russian tranlation in a dialogue with Lady Felan
  • updated poison cloud effect collider
  • Savage Ogre excluded from the effect of the healing totem and buffing drum
  • resized effect collider for the Skeletal boss’ roots ability
  • added UI for switching weapon sets
  • FIXED: pre-boss save in the last mission “Road to town”
  • FIXED: missing translation
  • FIXED: the level number above 10 hasn’t been displayed in the Russian language
  • FIXED: the initial skill has invalid description in the skill tree
  • FIXED: some visual text issues with the German and the other languages
  • FIXED: changing volume has sometimes changed the graphic quality settings
  • FIXED: some text aligments
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