Moonfall is an action RPG that focuses on both gaming perspectives of the genre, the player’s skill in real-time and increasing the character’s abilities in the game through the ability points designated for the development of the talents and skills. The game’s system  is based on the traditional style of filling an experience indicator after killing enemies and completing quests. The ability points can be assigned into three talents – strength, mind power and agility – while each of them affects different atributes of the game character.


♦ Strength affects damage dealt by the player, the amount of HP and the rate of HP regeneration

♦ Mind power affects the efficiency of magic attacks. the amount of MP and the rate of MP regeneration

♦Agility affects a chance of the critical strike, the armor value and reduction of critical strikes dealt by the enemies

At the beginning of the game the player have to choose one of three classes, specifically Vanguard, Elemental Engineer and Shadow, while each class has four different active abilities and six supporting abilities, that can be improved further. However, the player cannot unlock the supporting abilities freely, but only after he unlocked the previous abilities related to the specific one he wants to unlock at the moment.


Loot is a traditional part of every RPG genre and Moonfall is no exception. Loot can be found in the enviroment on the ground, in chests or may drop out of dead enemies. There are several kinds of loot, for example HP potions, mana potions, vials filled with lunarium used as the game’s currency or various kinds of weapons, armours and supporting accessories such as rings and so on. Overall, Moonfall provides more than 80 various items with different statistics.

Moonfall is not designed as a RPG game with deep role-playing roots like for example the Baldur’s Gate series, but the RPG elements in the game are used as a means for enhancing the gameplay and the hack’n‘ slash style of combat. The role-playing and class systems should provide the necessary variability and an opportunity for replayability.

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