Elemental Enginners are the Children of Nature, as they often call themselves. They were born from a lump of the ground and forged by the natural elements. Engineers are known for their strong bond with nature and eveything breathing and when they are not in the heat of battle, they can usually be found meditating under big trees, from which they reportedly gain their energy.

Although Elemental Engineers are basically peaceful, in battle they change themselves to committed warriors protecting the weak and the human rights. They can use weapons like one handed swords, axes and maces and also various kinds of magic.

These interesting beings are characterized by four active abilities which influence passive ones of several effeciency ranks – Basic Rank Passive Abilities, High Rank Passive Ability and Master Passive Ability.


Active Abilities

  • Fire Explosion

It is a powerful areal blast created around the caster ideal for hitting multiple enemies at the same time.


  • Pyroblow

This is a powerful chargeable fireball. Engineers usually use it to hit dangerous enemies from a distance.


  • Ice Shards

This skill has effect similar to Pyroblow, but it can freeze enemies. Very useful in situations when an Elemental Engineer is surrounded by the enemies.


  • Wind Blast

This is a quick ability allowing Engineer to be pushed several steps backwards. An elegant way how to run away from an imminent danger.



Basic Rank Passive Abilities

  • Ignite

This ability increases the possibility to set enemies on fire by 50%. It can be unlocked after unlocking the previous skills Fire Explosion and Pyroblow.


  • Ice Armor

This skill arises after the mergence of Pyroblow and Ice Shards. It creates a temporary shield while casting Ice Shards.


  • Lunar Coating

It allows melee attacks to restore mana. It is a mixture of Ice Shards and Wind Blast.



High Rank Passive Abilities

  • Body and Mind

It adds bonus damage caused by the spells. This ability arises after the mergence of Ignite and Ice Armor.


  • Downpour

This ability allows reduce the cooldown times by the current value of mana%. It can be unlocked after unlocking the previous skills Ice Armor and Lunar Coating.



Master Passive Ability

  • Weapon Spirit

It can be unlocked only then, when all previous abilities have already been unlocked. It increases damage of the spells by half of weapon damage.


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