No, we have not been sleeping in cryosleep. No, we have not been traveling across the universe. We have been hard-working 24/7 on Moonfall since the announcement trailer to be able to bring an exciting, deep and fun action RPG for all of you, fans of Moonfall and all lovers of action RPGs, especially those having hand-painted graphics.

We still live and do not worry, we have not forgotten you. This is just a reminder that we still exist and cannot wait for the launch day. Of course, the quality first, so that is why the first rule of Fishcow Studio is „No need to rush!“. But on the other hand, we think we can safely say, that you can expect Moonfall to be released in Q1 2017.

We have made a lot of changes and improvements since our first trailer and we will be sharing new info about the development, the game mechanics and the story in the coming weeks. We hope you will enjoy it and have fun.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your support and mainly patience since we have not posted any blog arcticles for a long time. We are, of course, aware of that and we sincerely regret it.

At the end only one thing – do not forget to look at the night sky where you can find the Moon, mysterious Luna where all knowledge is carefully hidden…



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